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                          STUDENT STORE OPEN:                         7 Days a week by appointment

            OPEN TO THE PUBLIC:                          Thursday & Friday (12-7pm)                 Saturday & Sunday (12-5pm) 


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(805) 648-DRUM(3786)
2436 E. Main Street
Ventura, CA 93003-2604    

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PULSE DRUMMING School of Drums & Percussion with Student Store

Hours of Operation:  

As a school of drums and percussion we place our focus on providing quality education first.  We are excited to announce that our Pulse Drumming Instructors will be teaching at several of our local schools providing music education for grades pre-school through 8th grades for the 2013-2014 school year(s). Our Student Store hours of operation will allow us to help bring fantastic drum & percussion experiences to our entire community. 

About Us

Pulse Drumming prides itself on making quality education accessible to all ages & abilities. We offer Private & Group Lessons, workshops, events & performances on and offsite;  Ask us about performing at your special event or school assembly, and help us to spread the joy of percussion throughout the community.  Interactive programs for Scouts, clubs, corporate events, special needs community & more!

Walk in off the streets of Ventura and enter a world of drums and percussion. Featuring new, used, and vintage drum sets, our store offers a very unique experience for beginning and avid drummers. Tour the seven continents of the world and see uniquely displayed ethnic instruments from around the globe, many are one of a kind!  Pulse offers multicultural CDs, educational DVDs, authentic ethnic clothing, gift certificates, and free gift wrapping with purchase.  ... For more information check out Kim & Trey's Bio's on the Instructors page. 

                      PULSE DRUMMING, LLC                                Owners / Business Partners                     Kim Brower & Trey O'Toole




                                                                  CONGRATULATIONS to Pulse Drumming Instructor:                                                                                                                                      AUSTIN WRINKLE                                                                 http://www.pulsedrumming.com/austin-wrinkle.html 
                                                             DRUM! Magazine's "DRUMMIES" World Percussionist (2014)                                                              1st: Pete Lockett
    2nd: Austin Wrinkle 
   3rd: Jamey Haddad
    4th: Weedie Braimah



 Pulse Drumming prides itself on providing quality education accessible to all ages and abilities. Our Instructors are accomplished performers as well as experienced educators.  Let us help you learn to play The CONGA, CAJON, TIMBALES, MARCHING DRUMS, BODHRAN, RIQQ, HAMMER DULCIMER, MARIMBA, BELL KIT, DOUMBEK, DUN DUN'S, DJEMBE, TABLA, DRUMSET, TONGUE DRUM, STEEL PANS, FRAME DRUMS, DIDGERIDOO, ETC...

Drum Repair Services  

Our skilled team of technicians provide affordable repairs of drum & percussion instruments. Free repair quotes,  "Meet The Maker" events where you can spend time with professional instrument makers, as well as offering a variety of instrument making workshops! 

Drum Products & Services       


Our goal is to teach you how to get the most out of your drum & percussion experience!  If we don't know the answers, we know where to get them!  We provide insurance quotes, Instrument rentals,, birthday, bridal & baby showers and drum/percussion educational programs for all ages and abilities!

Photo Gallery                                                                                                                                Tour The Seven Continents at Pulse Drumming School of Drums &  Percussion.  Drop in and experience our interactive educational zones and displays of museum quality instruments.  We encourage you to try out our unique, vintage and hard to find instock instruments, hardware and accessories!  

 Request a service from us in Ventura, California, for drum services, percussion instruments, and drum classes.



Girl & Boy Scouts Badge Workshops
NAMM (National Association Music Merchants) Member
Excellence in Cultural & Diversity Program
(Ventura County Schools & Ventura County School District)

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